Res. (fullframe): 1020 x 1080
speed :(full frame) : 500 fps
(pal) : 900 fps
(pal 16/9) : 1100 fps ca.
Ram capacity : up to 8 seconds at 500 fps full frame
interface : National Instrument pci card
weight : 1400 gr.
sensor size : 1.2 inch. full frame
Mount : PL mount, c-mount, nikon mount, pentax
pixel size : 12 um.

This camera was originally designed for industrial usage; our custom modifications make it suitable for movies and advertisements productions.

Sensor Resolution
max frame size: 1280 x 1020 pixels.custom size: any combination of horizontal x vertical within the max size.

Frame Rate
full frame: 25-500 fps.pal (768 x 576): 890 fps.pal 16:9 (768 x 416): ~ 1120 fps.
Frame rate depends on vertical resolution: reducing the the height of the images will increases the maximum number of frames taken per second, for example images at 1280 x 416 will result in 1100 fps.

Sensor Specs
- technology/size: CMOS 1.2 inches.
- color pattern: Bayer mosaic.
- sensitivity: around 100 ISO (~ 96).
- effective dynamic range: ~ 3.5 F-stops.
- shutter time: max exposure time is equal to frames per seconds (ex. 500 fps = 1/500 sec); minimum time is 2 microseconds.

- C-mount or PL-mount lens.
Effective focal length is again dependent on choosen frame size; a simple calculation based on common 35mm format is the following:
full frame: multiply written focal length by ~ 1.7 (ex. a 20mm lens acts as 34mm).pal : multiply by ~ 2.

- the camera continuosly takes images, storing them in an internal hi-speed circular-loop memory storage; one can let the camera to shoot freely up to when the desired event would happen: the camera keeps the last 8 seconds of shooting (8 secs X 500 fps = 4000 images that when played at 25 fps would make 160 secs of viewing).
- images are downloaded on PC ran using the high bandwidth/low latency framegrabber card in order to quickly choose IN/OUT cut points.
- sequences are then converted and stored on the hard disk as uncompressed avi file or any other requested image for



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